Instruments of Praise has been serving homeschool families in the Greater Houston area since 1995. The bands and orchestras are known for their excellence in performance and are afforded a number of opportunities to minister each year. Instruments of Praise band and orchestra students have been awarded medals at the prestigious T.P.S.M.E.A. regional competition.

Paul Sommer

(Band & Orchestra Director)

Paul Sommer is the founder and band and orchestra director of Instruments of Praise! He considers it a privilege that God has given him the passion and the abundant energy to direct the ministry of Instruments of Praise! Since 1993, he has directed over 100 home-school and Christian school bands and orchestras in the Greater Houston area. His professional life and ministry includes teaching, performing, speaking and conducting at various churches and schools. He has a B.B.A. from Baruch College in New York. Throughout the years, his bands and orchestras and students have been recognized for their musical excellence and individual achievements and have received numerous awards. Paul’s passion and love of teaching music is surpassed by his love of Jesus Christ and his family.

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“Music is a vital part of any culture. Music appreciation is gained through studying, composing, listening and performing, and adds richness to our lives. The study of music is an important part of a complete education. It engages students in individual and group activity, develops creativity, problem solving and critical and evaluative skills. Music education helps students acquire talent in the production and performance of music, as well as an understanding of history and culture.”
George W. Bush

The Sommer Family

Paul and his lovely wife, Brenda have been married since June 1988 and have been blessed with four beautiful children, Jonathan, Jason, Jared and Brittany who have always been homeschooled. Paul is very appreciative of his wife’s efforts in handling many administrative tasks of Instruments of Praise.